The Callahan Hoist

The Callahan Hoist is made in the USA with the highest quality standards, material, and workmanship. The "Callahans" are constructed out of T-1 steel with radial corners for extra strength. They come equipped with four-stage cylinders, built in oil tanks, pumps, filters, oil lines and a Holland 5th Wheel. The units require very little maintenance.

When the job calls for dumping on uneven ground or in less stable environments, the Callahan Hoist can be fitted with outriggers for stability. The Callahan Hoist also has an excellent safety record.

The hoists have been used for dumping closed top vans, reefers, open top trailers, rear-hatched tankers, and sea containers with payloads such as fruit, grain, metals, sludge, refuse, and recyclables.

Although the Callahan Hoist is "heavy-duty," it tucks neatly away in its lowered position for highway travel and does not detract from the body lines of the truck. A mounted twin cylinder "Callahan" adds approximately 5,000 lbs to the truck.

Turn your trailer into a dump trailer for a fraction of the cost of a traditional dump truck.

The Details

Twin Cylinder

The twin cylinder has a lift capacity of approximately 80,000 lbs. (40 tons) and is recommended for dumping a trailer up to 53 feet long.


Outriggers are recommended for dumping on uneven ground surfaces or when the load is not evenly distributed in the trailer (such as with a scrap iron load).

Our hoists have an excellent safety track record when used in normal dumping requirements and operated according to manufacturer's recommendations.


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