Through the Years


Dean and Nancy started Callahan Manufacturing





The first Callahan hoist was designed and built

The hoist gained attention from local farmers and truckers

The callahans grew their business beyond manufacturing

Dean and Nancy continue to work in their original shop every day

1969 - The Callahan Mfg Beginning

Callahan Manufacturing opened their doors in 1969 in Royal City, WA with just one employee. At the time, Dean was only 23 and had two children with his wife, Nancy. At the start, Callahan Mfg. produced sugar beet beds. Sugar beets were a common crop grown during that time in Royal City and Dean saw a need in the area.

In 1979 the Callahan's had several flat bed trailers they wanted to use to haul corn and wheat for their farming operation. As a solution, the first Callahan Hoist was designed and built in their manufacturing shop for their own use. 

1979 - The Hoist Development

1980 - The Hoist Expansion

Soon after the Callahan's created the first hoists, local farmers saw the potential and purchased the hoists to assist with dumping their chopped hay for cubing operations. Word spread, and a trucker in California heard about the Callahan hoist and ordered six of them. From there, the Callahan Hoist gained popularity and Dean and Nancy have been busy with orders ever since.

2000 - Callahan Growth

After the success of the Callahan Hoist, Dean and Nancy decided to spread their operations beyond just manufacturing. While still building trailers and truck bodies, the couple has since handed off the operations to their children of the hay farm,  a 3,500-cow dairy, a gravel pit and excavating company, a hay-compressing facility, and a trucking business. 

2023 - Current Life

With 5 kids, 16 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren, Dean and Nancy's lives are full as they continue to run Callahan Manufacturing from their original building. They enjoy teaching their grandchildren their hard work-ethic and how to operate heavy machinery. To-date, they have built hundreds of hoists that are all over the United States and in diverse markets such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and South America.


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