Since 1969 Callahan Manufacturing has designed and built high-quality products for the agricultural and trucking industry. The Callahan Hoist sets the standard for craftsmanship and durability.

The Callahan Hoist is:
Reliable... Years of custom use by haulers have shown a track record of very little
maintenance and down time.

Light Weight... A Callahan 5th wheel hoist will only add about 3,500 lbs to your existing truck weight for a single unit and 4,000 lbs for a dual unit.

Versatile... Makes any trailer a dump trailer at a fraction of the cost.

Attractive... Adapts easily to your truck and doesn't detract from the original lines of the truck design. The hoist tucks neatly away when in the lowered position and does not interfere with operation of your rig on the highway.

Useful... With a variety of loads- Units currently in operation have handled such bulk products as beauty bark, chopped and cubed hay, grain, refuse, almond hulls, scrap metals, coal, gravel, dirt, corn, plastics, and many other materials.

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